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All of my life

The entirety of my life until this point has been spent in paradise. Montana truly lives up to its title of "Big sky country" and "the treasure state". I come from a town that is nicknamed "soul city". Where dreams are as big as the sky. And I grew up believing that anything is possible. Even in the crazy times we are facing, I have faith and I have hope. Many people think that I (and those like me) are foolish. But I believe in a better tomorrow. I refuse to live my life any other way.

There are a lot of horrible things happening, but there is so much goodness to be had and to be done. Let's believe in staying grounded. Let's be mindful of others and of our starving earth. Let's support each other. Let's cause a scene and make some noise for all of the hard working individuals who pour their heart and souls in. From healthcare workers to mail men/ women.

I refuse to wake up ungrateful.

I wasn't handed everything I wanted, growing up. But I was made with a heart full of dreams. And i'll sing it from the rooftops, if you're reading this and wondering if you can (what ever that dream may be) I am here to tell you- YES. YOU. CAN.

The world is here, waiting for you to make a change, Be better. Do better. Love others. Create. Call your loved ones. Do a cartwheel. Make a meal. Get your hands dirty. Laugh until you pee. Adopt a dog.

Have a good time. Be a good human, Think hard when it matters. Be spontaneous when it doesn't.

Vote. Vote like your life (and your neighbors, family's, friends life) depends on it. Because it does.

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