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she believed she could, so she did

As I grow older, I realize how valuable friendships are; and as an adult, it is especially difficult to make new friendships; I think this is partially because we are more busy than ever, have more responsibility. For me, I feel that I simply am picky with who I share my life with.

What a beautiful thing it is, when you meet someone and have an instant connection.

Leah reached out to me while I was recently in my hometown. I posted a little online flier to do some mini photo shoots while I was visiting and she instantly inspired me when she told me she went through a recent rough patch and wanted to give herself some love by booking a shoot with me.

We had coffee at one of my favorite spots in town and just talked about life and love. It was really nice to feel that I was not alone in some of the hardships I have faced. I learned quickly that she has a genuine and honest soul. We ended our time together overlooking the town, lit up by golden hour; with the light frosting the summer wildflowers.

From the tattoo on her forearm that reads "Love yourself first" to her vulnerability and resilience, I am grateful for humans like Leah, who did one of the most difficult things; she fell down, faced her demons, and came up stronger.

Thank you for the inspiration girl.

I know you will move mountains.

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