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For those of you who don't know; I am a freelance photographer for a local magazine. It's a really fun job that I often compare to a secret mission, because I rarely know what kind of shoot it will be and who my subject will be. It isn't uncommon for me to just receive a name and number or a location to meet. All and all, It is a really great way to connect with local businesses and creative humans. It brings me a lot of joy.

I was recently assigned a few last minute headshots. "Just a few". But I couldn't help but photograph all of the scrumptious colors that surrounded me when I captured Adrienne and her artistic home. Her long-haired kitty, resting on top of a record player, the well-loved guitar in the corner of the room, the collection of paintings and doodles.

Adrienne is an artist and designer of cards and other stationary for one of my favorite shops. Thank you for inviting me in and giggling with me in the morning light, Adrienne.

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